Kids can seriously be so silly at times. I mean come on, who sticks a pea up their nose deliberately or manages to stick themselves in the head with their own fork.

I remember my first born climbing on a small bookshelf and he managed to tip it over and bruise his big toe. It was horrible. He cried for hours.

Meanwhile my youngest was a shocker for sticking things in his nose. Thankfully we always managed to remove them quite easily.

We asked our community what dumb injuries their kids have suffered. The responses had us in fits of giggles, read on for a good laugh…

Be warned there seems to be a theme of stuffing things up the nose!

Dumbest injury my kid has ever suffered

Photo of a sick teddy bear with a blue bandage in bed
  1. Broke her leg – “Look Mum, see, it’s bending!” sniff sniff snivel as she was bending it at the knee!!
  2. My son had a tantrum at dinner time, threw his head down and landed on his fork.
  3. Stuck a small rock in his nose
  4. Chickpea up the nose
  5. M & M up the nose – “Freaked out ready to go to emergency then it started to melt and came back out.”
  6. Stuck an orbie in his ear
  7. Biting their own finger while eating dinner
  8. Biting their own tongue! (That is the worst!!!)
  9. Shutting their finger in the car door
  10. Closing the bathroom door on their foot

Mine seemed to constantly trip over their own feet and other invisible objects and run into walls all the time. What is with that?!

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