Our mums have shared some of the WORST parenting advice they ever received. This will make you cringe!

As a parent people are always ready to offer you advice whether it’s about your first or 10th child. Someone always seems to have something to say. And it is not always helpful. Sometimes it can even be quite rude and offensive.

Worst parenting advice

1. Basically everything you are ever told about parenting!

Everything ever said by anyone that doesn’t have any children of their own.

2. You shouldn’t formula feed your baby!

“You can’t formula feed, it’s so bad for babies!!” I didn’t have a choice as my milk didn’t come in! Formula was perfect for my two and they are happy, healthy and strong kids!!

3. A small age gap is just like parenting triplets

Having children 12-18 months apart, is the same as me, I have triplets…

4. Formula is better than breast milk!

Formula is better for my baby than my own breast milk! (I happily BF both my kids until nearly 1 year old)

5. Autism is just a stage

He will grow out it i.e his autism.

6. Don’t wear sunglasses around your baby

Don’t wear sunglasses and a cap when you walk your baby because they can’t see your face and expressions.

Worst parenting advice

7. A constantly crying baby is normal

It’s normal for babies to cry for several hours each day. It’s not a sign that something isn’t right.

8. Just Sleep!

Sleep when your baby sleeps!

9. Hide your moods as a parent

Don’t get angry. Just smile and hold it in.

10. Feed your baby mince (WTF?!)

Feed your child a spoonful of mince a day so she puts weight on.

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