Curash Nappy rash cream has been recalled following reports of adverse reactions to the skin after usage. Read what parents have to say…

Reports from parents include increased skin sensitivity, blisters, redness and/or rash following application of the product.

The affected batch numbers are 1118263 and 1116727.

What you need to do if you have affected Curash Nappy Rash Cream

Confirm if you are using the affected Nappy Rash Cream, by checking the batch number on the tube. If the product is from one of the affected batches, you should stop using it immediately.

The affected batch numbers are 1118263 and 1116727.

If you have been using the product and there is a reaction such as skin sensitivity, redness and/or rash, these symptoms may be reduced after the affected skin is washed with water.

Return it to the place of purchase for a refund or return it to Church and Dwight to receive a $10 gift card.

Parents share their painful experiences

Hundreds of parents have commented on the Curash recall notice saying the cream had even left their little one with horrible welts and scars.

One mum shared, “Our poor bub had a nasty reaction to this, he was rolling around in agony after we applied it and we had no idea why!”

Another shared: “Well this explains alot! My poor daughter has such a red genitals. I was wondering why it was so red and started to blister. Stupid me added more cream to try and help. No wonder why it wasn’t getting better. She is now on antibiotics.”

“I used this on myself the other day it burned I had to wash it off and use baby powder to stop the burning, I usually use sudocream now I know why so glad I hadn’t used it on the baby yet.”

There were also numerous Heartbreaking posts like this as well….

“Our newborn baby ended in emergency room with a severe nappy rash with several ulcers, we were baffled as to why and have just found out about this recall and it makes sense now as we have been using this cream with the affected batch number. I’m completely furious at the moment that our 3 week old has been through this much pain due to your product.”

“I wish it had only been skin sensitivity, redness and rash! Our baby came out in blistering and pitted welts for about 3 months after using multiple tubes of the affected batch. We saw more than four doctors, tried antifungal, antibiotics, steroids, and had to travel multiple times into Melbourne with our family to see skin specialists who were all dumbfounded. Even now that the worst has eased she has scarring from the front right up to under her tailbone.”

“My baby had blisters all over her from this product. It burnt her so bad, several doctors trips and creams. Honestly so disappointed and traumatised from her wounds and screaming.”

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Main image via Curash FB page