ALDI has just served up the best Easter swag of the year, the Hot Cross Bun Bag! You will want to run and grab one of these before they are all sold out.

With so many Aussies across the country taking advantage of the festive season to hook into their favourite variety of hot cross buns, ALDI is giving the gift of some very, very limited-edition swag to help bun lovers take their favourite toasted goodies with them wherever they are.

The Bun Bag is available in two designs and comes with two insulated compartments to keep a couple of mouth-watering hot cross buns at that perfect toasty temperature, even when you’re on-the-go.

If you’re looking to fill your Bun Bag, or just want to get a taste of each and every style of bun while you can, ALDI has a flavour for everyone this Easter – and they’re all at the lowest prices possible!

Whether you’re a traditionalist who goes for the classic spiced bun laden with fruit, or if you prefer fruitless or the indulgent chocolate chip, ALDI’s range of delectable and award-winning buns have hit shelves across the country to fill that bun-sized hole in all our lives.