When your child enters early education, whenever you choose that moment to be, you want to know they have the right care with nurturing educators that are going to reinforce everything you have already set out to achieve, one that shares your family values and makes your family a part of theirs. And that’s why your childcare search is so important.

That’s why Care for Kids goes above and beyond to make sure you have all the relevant information to make what could be one of the most challenging but rewarding decisions for your children – the start of their education and care.

“They have walked the path, entered the rooms, and interviewed the staff – they know what is important in early education.”

At the beginning of 2023, the Care for Kids team set out on a mission to create something special. Something more than just a platform that would help parents become connected with care, they wanted to show parents that they were right there, connecting with childcare services, asking the same questions, looking into the same rooms, and feeling the same fears because they’re parents too. They have walked the path, entered the rooms, and interviewed the staff – they know what is important in early education.

Care for Kids knows childcare discovery is scary for children, but they also know it’s scary for parents – in fact, in some cases more so than it is for children. And that’s just why they’re here – to help families make informed decisions and lead discovery to services available for families across Australia, helping them choose the right childcare.

Getting you to day one of your childcare search and beyond

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Throughout 2023, the Care for Kids team will be featuring six families as the ‘Journey Begins’ for them. They’ll be there as these families prepare for and reminisce about their experiences leading up to the first day of childcare.

Starting the journey is often the hardest point but Care For Kids understand the apprehension of taking the first step into your childcare search and are there to lead you through the minefield with one focus – finding the right care for your family.

Shortlisting services and comparing features is what discovery is all about. Once you have a shortlist of services in your local area, you’re ready to call through – a simple phone reveal on Care for Kids is all it takes to get in touch!

Booking the first tour means you’re that much closer to finding a service for your child, but the overwhelming feeling of choosing the right one can be a lot to take in. The Care for Kids team has all the helpful articles, tips, and tricks to cut through the shiny layers and get down to the nitty-gritty of what the right care could look like for you and your child.

For some, childcare means full weeks at a long day care centre, for others it’s a family day care situation with more flexibility, fewer children, and a homely environment. However, it looks to your family, Care for Kids has the solution.

Securing care is the final stage of your childcare search, but the Care for Kids team knows that it doesn’t end there. It’s only the beginning!

And that’s why Care for Kids intend to continue bringing parents of Australia the simplest possible experience so they can worry less about the search and focus more on their families and ‘The Big Day’.

Care for Kids – where your childcare search journey begins.

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