Is your child ready to start toilet training? Let’s go shopping for the best toilet training pants to help with those little accidents.

Signs that your child is ready to toilet train

Cute smiling baby sitting on the potty

Is your child showing signs of being ready to toilet train? Some children show signs of being ready as early as 18 months, and some might be older than 2 years.

It might be time for toilet training if your child:

  • is walking and can sit for short periods of time
  • is generally more independent, including saying ‘no’ more often
  • is interested in watching others go to the toilet
  • has dry nappies for 2 or more hours
  • tells you with words or gestures when they do a poo or wee in their nappy
  • begins to dislike wearing a nappy, perhaps trying to pull it off when it’s wet or soiled
  • has regular, soft, formed bowel movements
  • can pull their pants up and down
  • can follow simple instructions like ‘Give the ball to Daddy’.

This mum started toilet training her baby at just 8 weeks old

7 toilet training pants

Training pants are absorbent underwear for toilet training. They’re less absorbent than nappies but can hold in bigger messes too.

Nappy pants pull up and down like underpants. This helps your child’s transition to underwear as your child learns to pull them up and down all by themself and also encourages them to feel like a big kid!


Modibodi Reusable Toddler Day-Time Training Pant. Available in a handy 2-pack, these clever pants are designed to help your kids transition from nappies to undies by letting them feel when they’re damp. They’re resistant to odour, easy to use and even easier to wash.

Shop Modibodi range


Bonds Whoopsies, toilet training pants helping your little ones transition from nappies to regular underwear. Wee accidents are contained in these potty training pants by the built in double-layer absorbency pads and gussets to keep leaks inside.

Shop Bonds Whoopsies here

Pea pods

Reusable Bamboo Toilet Training Pants. The perfect start for a youngster in “training”!

Soft bamboo lining and outer and Waterproof/Breathable inner layer to help stop leaks.

Shop Pea Pods


Snazzipants day time training pants are designed to help keep your sanity in the transition between nappies and undies.

They are not meant to keep your child completely dry like nappies; instead, they give you a bit of time to get to the bathroom when accidents do happen while letting your toddler feel damp.

Shop Snazzipants here.

Designer bums

Designer Bums Reusable Training Pants are the ultimate underwear choice for toilet-training toddlers when the time comes to transition out of nappies and begin potty training. A convenient and easy-to-use pull-up style offers toileting independence and comfort to increase familiarity with wearing underpants.

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Rudie prides itself on eco-friendly baby underwear made with cotton material, making it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Shop the Rudie range here


Good Fit & Absorbs Well: Potty training pants have an extra layer of material in the crotch area to absorb urine and poop. Thick enough to hold a small accident without dripping. 360 surround to side leakage. The elastic side fits the curve of baby’s legs perfectly, making baby move freely. Strengthen absorption effect, obviously reversed flow of pee, keep buttock dry, your baby will love to wear the training underwear.

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