Is this a case of Journalism gone too far?

An experiment with NSW’s official name-submission process has left a newborn baby boy with quite the crazy name.

An ABC journalist who was expecting her third son in July decided to submit the name ‘Methamphetamine Rules’ for a segment on the broadcaster’s new show What the FAQ to see how far they could go.

“We thought we would submit the most outrageous name we could think of, assuming it would be rejected,” she told the Guardian.

Shock horror the name was approved and the birth certificate is now official.

“But it didn’t turn out that way – unfortunately ‘Methamphetamine Rules’ slipped through the cracks.”

Mum and journo, Kirsten Drysdale, said she was surprised when a spokesperson from the registry informed her that the “unusual name” of ‘Methamphetamine Rules’ was now officially attached to her son.

The journalist had been under the impression that all names had to go through an approval process and could be rejected if they were deemed offensive or not in the public interest.

The NSW registry acknowledged that it would have to “strengthen” its naming process after the slip-up.

The NSW Registry told it had tightened its system following the mistake.

“The Registry has since strengthened its processes in response to this highly unusual event,” the spokesperson said.

“The vast majority of parents do not choose a name for their newborn baby that is obscene, offensive or contrary to the public interest.”

Thankfully, the Registrar admitted it was a rare oversight, and Drysdale’s son’s real, “normal” name should be approved any day now.

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