My partner Alex and I for many years have always spoken about it travelling Australia, although financially we were never in the position to be able to. We couldn’t just stop working and travel and we’re still in the early stages of our life and relationship of trying to set up a foundation for our family.

Five years ago we worked in my tiling business together which was preforming great although it had gotten to a point that we genuinely felt unhappy because it just wasn’t what we wanted to do.
We always had a dream of creating content and being full time content creators, which has led us to the path we are now taking – on the road.

After five years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication – even to the point of almost going broke, we are both now full-time content creators sharing our daily lives with our followers. And we absolutely love it! It has given us an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to travel Australia together without an end date with our two girls (and dog).

We recently left South Australia crossed the Western Australian border on our way to Esperance. For us personally we have no time limits and that’s one of the best things about this adventure. We can enjoy every town we want to for as long as we want to. We plan to see every part of Australia before finishing our travels, whilst sharing all the moment with our following from the highs, to the lows and everything in between.

The flies on road have been a lot to take in, and we now understand why the nation is bracing for a full-on battle against them and they’re willing to make some serious sacrifices to do so! Mortein recently released the Buzz Report, revealing 77% of Aussies are ready to bid farewell to their beloved festive season must-haves in exchange for a fly-free festive season. We would forgo enjoying our Christmas lunch outside together as a family and eat indoors if it meant we could enjoy the rest of the day fly-free.

Here are our 5 tips for travelling with kids?

1. Go with the flow. The routine within a caravan isn’t going to be the same as it is in a house so just go with the flow and enjoy every moment as you can’t get them back, especially when you have young kids travelling with you.

2. Insect sprays and repellents. When in off-grid locations especially inland small towns, there are a huge number of bugs, from mosquitos to flies, you need a repellent for everything if you’re planning on being outdoors. We always ensure we come prepared with Mortein wherever we go and it is absolutely essential!

3. Don’t take a lot of toys on the road with you. Whilst toys are great to keep the kids entertained, the simplest everyday items are turned into hours of play, so you simply don’t need them. They take up room and the only room you need on the road is for essential supplies.

4. Toilet breaks! Ensure your little ones have gone to the toilet before leaving to travel to the next location. So many times when we have just left we need to pull over again and it slows down the trip and your enthusiasm for getting to the next stop.

5. Embrace the little things. Don’t let the little moments get to you on the road. Especially at the start, everyone is adjusting to a whole new life and routine. Always remember it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to travel Australia with your children and they will never be this little again. Enjoy every second and make the best memories.

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Mortein Buzz Report Methodology:

*The study was conducted online between 23 – 27 November 2023. The sample comprised a nationally representative sample of 1,023 Australians aged 18 years and older. The data was weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates.