After a solo trip to Bali for some much needed me-time back in 2016, I promised myself I’d come back to paradise in Seminyak with my besties for my 40th birthday two years later. But life, timing and money (or lack of) kept getting in the way and here I was, seven years later, and we’d still not been. Chats over the Summer break reignited the idea and we finally said ‘stuff it, let’s just book it’. So low and behold seven mamas were finally off to Bali staying at Hotel Indigo and boy did we make up for lost time!

We weren’t really here for culture, rice fields or temples, although Bali has plenty of this. We were here to relax, have fun and reconnect. And maybe have a few fun nights out partying!

I’d only ever done Bali on a shoestring and I really wanted this trip to be special. I was looking for paradise in Seminyak. I’d also never stayed overlooking the beach, so it was time to step it up. Thankfully at a Mumpower event earlier in the year I was seated next to the wonderful Caroline from Mums Grapevine who recommended a fabulous hotel in Semiyak called Hotel Indigo. If you’ve travelled to Bali with family, you’d no doubt be familiar with the family-friendly likes of the Padma Resort, Bali Mandiera, and all the other Legian/Seminyak beach front hotels, but let me tell you now, Hotel Indigo is a hidden gem that needs to go on your radar. I’m so thankful Caroline recommended it to me and the girls and I were gobsmacked from the moment we arrived.

Six girls walk up the bluestone steps of Hotel Indigo Seminyak.

We knew we were onto something good when our driver dropped us of and said “you very lucky to be staying at Indigo” and he wasn’t wrong. Simply walking through the lobby was a highlight to the senses with stunning gardens, amazing architecture and styling. It is simply beautiful. I was fortunate to be hosted here #mamamagperks, but we split the cost of the other two rooms between the seven of us to make it cheaper for all! I’ve stayed in nice hotels before, but this was next level divine! Only about six years old, everything is clean and perfect. Our stunning rooms had the most unique contemporary interior inspired by the colourful lives of the locals with giant soft king size beds, a full dressing room and stunning bathroom and balcony. There are also incredible Villas with private pools if you want to step it up a notch.

The quirky interior of a standard room at Hotel Indigo Seminyak

While a private pool might be fabulous for families or couples, it isn’t super necessary when there are several amazing pools on offer to all. The huge main pool in the central lawn area had sumptuous lounges and day beds either side and is serviced by the fun bean bag lawn at one end as well. Staff are always on hand with fresh towels and menus for food and drink from the Cave Bar.

The main pool at Hotel Indigo Seminyak with blue umbrellas and bright green plants in the foreground.

A smaller, shallower kid’s pool adjoins the main pool and the stunning ‘secret pool’ was an absolute standout. This hidden oasis is much more private and is set amongst a jungle like setting, but still serviced by the fabulous Cave Bar, so a cocktail is only a button away! The only downside was the pools closed at 7pm, but this is pretty standard in Bali.

The secret pool at Hotel Indigo Seminyak

Indigo is directly opposite Seminyak beach, so there is plenty of action around like La Plancha with its iconic coloured umbrellas and bean bags for a bite and a drink. The shopping was excellent and since we’d left the kids home, adequate gifts would be required for their forgiveness! All the Bali usuals line the streets. Basketball tops, cheap dresses (we even got matching ones!), “designer” handbags, you know the stuff!

Seminyak beach with coloured beanbags and a fake designer handbag.

The hotel is set on magnificent grounds and gardens and a quick stroll across the lush lawn will take you to their beach front cafe/bar complete with yet another pool, Sugarsand. We had sunset drinks here on the first night which was fabulous and I enjoyed the stunning a la carte breakfast poolside a few times too. You can even eat on the in pool lounges, take a bite then dive straight in for a dip! But Sugarsand is certainly not the only breakfast option (although my personal favourite). The hotel buffet breakfast was absolutely incredible, catering for every taste and delight imaginable. You’re going to love it!

If you’re up for some pampering, the onsite Sava Spa offers a complete menu of gorgeous treatments designed for deep relaxation, which unite modern holistic natural healing with traditional local wisdom. Fit-mamas will be pleased to find a 24-hours fitness centre as well, but the only workouts we did was lifting our cocktail glasses!

Hotel Indigo had a really calming feeling about it and I think that is partly because it’s not overrun by kids. Don’t get me wrong, this place is super family friendly and kids are most welcome here (they even get their own pool), but it’s not heavily marketed this way so you don’t get families in droves like some of the neighbouring Seminyak properties. So, whilst it’s amazing for families, it’s not full of screaming terrors! Sure you don’t get a waterslide, but if you’re looking for a fun and calmer Bali experience, Hotel Indigo is 100% worth it.

Three nights went far too fast. Next time I’m booking a week!


 In the happening neighbourhood of Seminyak, being fit is no longer a luxurious need—it’s a lifestyle. Together with Body Factory Bali, the ultimate lifestyle destination on the island, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach presents Factory Fusion Festival on November 4th and 5th 2023. Guests can get fit and have fun over two-days of an exciting lineup of wellness and group fitness classes.

A big thank you to Hotel Indigo for their amazing hospitality and hosting me.