We love a park that is surrounded by beautiful scenery and prettiness and the Black Sapphire pirate ship playground at Riverside Park, which officially opened in February and is right next to the Maribyrnong river, caters for all ages.

A giant size wooden pirate ship is the main feature here but there are also other areas and hidden gems which can allow the kids to explore. There is a surprising amount of attention to detail on the ship like a treasure map with a hidden treasure chest for the kids to find, a plank to walk along, telescopes and captain’s quarters for role play. There’s fun tunnels to crawl in with attached slides both big and small and other equipment to climb. At the front of the ship is a large steering wheel and bells.

In addition to the ship itself there is a large sized sand area to explore so bringing along some sand play equipment might be an idea. The wooden boardwalk is great for scooting along and runs alongside the park plus a swing set includes an all abilities swing.

Next to the pirate ship is the wooden park which also includes slides, ladder ropes, ropes that can you can climb and balance on, chin up bar and rock climbing. This area is designed for the older child so little ones are best to stick in and around the pirate ship area.

There are lots of big trees and grassy areas as well as adequate shaded areas and lots of seating available. On summers nights it is busy with families as BBQ facilities are available, public toilets not far and there’s onsite parking.

Overall an interesting park that can allow your little one’s imaginations to run wild and explore.

122 The Boulevade, Aberfeldie.