Since mama first met Sam Wood back in 2015 (when he suggested I test out a new program he was developing then put me on hold for 3 months because he “had to go to Sydney for something”) a lot has happened!

Of course Sydney was the filming of The Bachelor where he subsequently met the love of his life. Snezana. His new program became ‘28 by Sam Wood’ which has now helped over 100,000 people across the globe get in shape. But most importantly since then Sam has become a dad with both Eve, the gorgeous teenager belonging to Snez, and with baby Willow who came into their lives 10 months ago!

Wow, what a fabulous few years you’ve had since we first met you back in 2015. Has it been a total whirlwind?

Most definitely. The best years of my life so far that’s for sure.

So it’s your first Father’s Day with Willow. Anything exciting planned or will you just let the girls surprise you?

Eve has been amazing for the last couple of years and now with little Willow I am sure we will do something special. Knowing Willow, there will be food involved, she’s a little obsessed at the moment!

What has been the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about being a Dad?

It might sound cliché but everything changed. The love is indescribable and you just gain perspective on what is truly important in life.

Of course you’ve been ‘ dad’ to Eve for a few years now and she started high school this year. How is it having a teenager and a new born baby in the house?

I know, what a combo! And yes, I actually think of myself just as Dad! There certainly has been lots to learn in a short time. Eve is the most beautiful girl. So much curiosity and creativity and so kind.

I do feel like I am learning daily about the best ways to handle two very different situations but that is what’s it all about. I don’t over think it, Snez and I work as a team and everything we do is from a good place.

How has Eve adapted to being a big sister? Is she the ultimate babysitter?

A little too young to babysit just yet but the bond they have is truly beautiful. Willow adores her big sister and lights up whenever she is around and despite the age gap they play and laugh for hours.

Any funny parenting stories you’d like to share to give us a giggle?

Recently I went to the supermarket to do the shopping for about an hour. Pushing the trolley around, talking to people, asking for assistance at the self checkout etc. I returned home and Snez began laughing so hard she was crying. Why you ask? I had Willow’s bright blue bib velcro’ed to my butt the entire time! You can see the reaction on my Instagram

Speaking of stories, you share plenty of your family life on your Insta account which we love, especially exercise. What’s your favourite activity for getting out and about and keeping active with the family in Melbourne?

We try to get out walking around the Tan or around near home as much as we can and Eve and I ride along the beach track to Port Melbourne and back which we love.

The long awaited app for the 28 by Sam Wood program has just launched for iPhones (mama is loving it btw). What sets it apart from other fitness apps?

It really is very exciting. Definitely taking the program to a new level. Android will be very soon too. What sets us apart is the connection and accountability. Most programs are set and forget. I pride myself on connecting, engaging and keeping my 28ers accountable in real time with videos each day, LIVE education sessions and some very exciting gamification coming soon to track progress, challenge yourself and more.

What’s your favourite recipe or go-to family meal in the 28 program?

I honestly don’t think I can go past Woody’s Butter Chicken. People want meals that are delicious, healthy, quick and familiar that the whole family can enjoy.

For mums who haven’t tried 28 yet, what’s your biggest piece of advice for them?

Give yourself some love. Mums are the most selfless people in the world and they so often put everyone ahead of themselves. Joining my program and putting yourself first will give you strength, energy, confidence and help you to be the best version of YOU.

You can find out more at or download the app from the app store for iPhone

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