Bring your little fairy spotters to this park for a play and some imaginary fun. Knock on the tiny red door that’s carved into a large old tree to see if the resident gnomes or elves want to come out, or even pop a letter for the fairies into their letterbox. Children have been busy building a secret hut beside the tree out of branches, so your kids can hide away and continue their make-believe play.

The playground consists of a large wooden structure that’s set into a hill. What kid doesn’t love to run up and down a hill! They’ll enjoy the bridge, the slides, noughts and crosses, and megaphone. The bigger ones might prefer the monkey bars, and scaling the chain ladder up to a longer slide. Pack some chalk so they can leave some of their best artwork on the blackboard beneath it. You’ll also find swings, musical pipes to bang on, a spring-loaded motorbike, and bucket spinners.

The park is large enough for ball games, and a picnic or BBQ, with a gazebo for shelter. There are a couple of great climbing trees, and as it’s an off-lead park you can bring the fur kids as well. No toilets, but there’s a lovely café across the road, where you can grab a latte and some healthy treats.

Cnr Madden Grove and Gibdon St, Burnley

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