This has got to be THE best Eastside park we’ve checked out yet! Inspired by and merging with elements of nature, this playground is designed to keep everyone of every age and ability brimming with excitement and wonder. It boasts all of the mama-approved features, like an abundance of benches to sit on, shaded areas (under vast butterfly wings, no less!), soft springy ground coverings to cushion falls, an adjacent carpark, hammocks to recline on, BBQs, picnic tables, and self-cleaning public toilets with nappy change facilities.

The kids will be thrilled with what seems like endless possibilities to swing, climb, slide, bounce, rock, jump, spin, run, and explore. It’s a complete feast for the senses: spot various birdlife with binoculars from the bird hide; make orchestral sounds by banging and clanging different metal pipes and tubes; and, gaze out at the tranquil parklands from the treehouse. The best part for many families is that it caters for children who are challenged by difficulties with hearing, sight, mobility, muscular control, and behaviour. Completely wheelchair accessible, and with signs dotted around that include braille and images depicting the sign language used for words like duck and snake. The large park is fully fenced and surrounded by wetlands, a bike track, and space to kick a ball, making it a beautiful picnic spot and perfect destination to spend the whole day.

Longstaff Street, Kew East

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