Lana Wilkinson is best know as a celebrity stylist, fashion influencer and mum to two gorgeous girls. Lana has dressed some of the most well-known faces in our media landscape including Bec Judd, Megan Gale, Ashley Hart, Samantha Wills, DJ Havana Brown, Zoe Foster-Blake, Elyse Knowles, Scherri Lee Biggs and Nadia Bartel.

Normally preparing other women for the spotlight, Lana recently collaborated with online children’s boutique LM Bambini where she, and her daughters Ava (three) and Elle (one), featured in their latest campaign. LM Bambini’s collection features high end designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Stella McCartney and Hucklebones London, Diesel and Fendi.

What were you doing prior to becoming a celebrity and fashion stylist?

I worked in brand, PR and retail marketing for seven years and was a project marketing manager. It was co-workers and friends seeking style advice that got me into styling early on. In 2009, I started to do a lot of test shoots. I never assisted anyone as I’d previously managed the fashion campaigns for the companies I worked for. It was blood sweat and tears that got me to where I am today.

What are your mama style essentials for this Summer?

A good blazer with a tee or shirt, a great pair of jeans and sneakers or loafers so that I look “DONE”

What are your favourite brands for kids at the moment?

LM Bambini is my go to for all things fashion for my girls. They stock amazing brands like Kenzo, Stella McCartney, Hucklebones London and even the mini Sophia Webster shoes! They are my favs.

Are there any stand out women that you have loved dressing and working with?

I love working with all women that want to feel good about themselves and choose fashion as a way to express themselves. Whether it’s a celebrity or a personal client or brand, my job is to bring a feeling or a vision to life. I believe when you achieve that, the work then speaks for itself.

What has been your biggest highlight in your career so far?

I’ve been fortunate to have had so many exciting clients and brands to work with. But a huge pinch me moment was definitely working with Rachel Zoe, when she was in Australia for The Style Icons for Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. She is my hero and working with her and her team, styling her looks was truly an experience I’ll remember forever. I felt like, if I stopped styling today I would be okay because that experience was amazing.

How do you juggle work life with home life?

The struggle is real as is the juggle; I think this is the case for any parent. Balance is something I find really hard to achieve and the one thing I beat myself up about. Ultimately in a perfect world you could be a gun in all areas of your life, but I’m trying to just control the controllable. I have an amazing support in my husband Liam whose constant encouragement means more than I could ever say. He is such a hands on dad to our daughters and my mum Annette is truly my best friend.

When you’re not working you are…

Hanging out at the park with my two girls Ava and Elle and my husband Liam.

What was your most exciting achievement this year?

Being the face of the Spring/Summer children LM Bambini campaign with my daughters. The images will be photographs I will cherish forever and for my family, they were so excited. Often my work takes me away from my family, so to involve them in my work was so special. From a career point of view, it felt empowering that Natalia of LM Bambini entrusted myself and my girls to be a part of her company’s brand story. A privilege I don’t take lightly.

What’s your funniest or most embarrassing parenting story?

There are too many to recall. With two daughters there is a lot of emotion in our household. My kids bring me undone all the time. I think given the industry I work in, it also keeps me grounded. I love them to death and whether they are repeating things I say (which is often, and almost always inappropriate!) or screaming in public, all kids should be allowed to be kids. I’ll just remind myself of that the next time one of them throws a tantrum!