If you have kids who love to climb on everything, or just need a decent run around, this park is a must. The tree-lined park itself is beautifully landscaped and has paths crisscrossing everywhere, allowing easy pram and scooter access to the playgrounds. There are actually three playgrounds – one is quite close to busy Toorak Rd (where you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix), and is suited to the school-aged kids. Unfenced but nestled in the middle of a vast open green space, the other two playgrounds sit side by side and have something for every age group and ability.

The play structures are simple and maybe a little dated compared with a lot of the new adventure playgrounds, but they are extremely popular on the weekends. The neighbouring school uses it during recess and lunch times, so if you have very little ones, it’s best to go outside of those times or expect an onslaught of excited and energetic big kids.

There’s a large circular sandpit so bring your trucks and buckets. There are four swings, various slides and ladders, monkey bars and walkways, a three-person motorcycle springer, sea-saws, and a large climbing web. There are a good number of park benches, a BBQ space, picnic tables, water taps, and the public toilets are a short walk away. For the sports-mad kids, there’s a basketball court, and plenty of grass to set up a game of soccer. Something for the whole family!

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