Ships Ahoy! This park has been one of Mama’s favourites FOREVER. I still remember when the first wooden ship was installed by Rotary a gazillion years ago, and here we are with a brand new ship to enjoy. We’re so thrilled they kept the nautical theme. But really, how could they not with the stunning Port Phillip Bay as its back drop.

While the playground is only half open (we’ll get to that in a minute), the bright new wooden ship is situated in exactly the same spot as the old one, so it feels familiar but is all bright and new. There are plenty of fabulous climbing surfaces, a slide (exactly where the old one was), balance beams and cargo nets and there are some little in-ground tramps and a yellow dinghy for the smaller kids to play on and in.

There is also a giant basket swing and one of those cute little spinning pods you sit in.

So what’s not open you ask? Well it looks like this baby is getting ‘waterplay’! Couldn’t be more perfect since the beach here is hidden behind rocks, so not a great spot for a dip. There will soon be a large sandpit area and judging by the various water pipes poking out of the ground, some fun waterplay as well. Keep an eye out on our Insta for updates.

Of course the fun extends beyond the playground. It’s right on the bike track so you can go for a scoot or a ride and if you’re hungry or just need coffee and ice cream the North Point Cafe right next door is always a winner. They have an ace fish tank too if you fancy spotting Nemo! There are toilets next door as well.

Bottom of North Rd Brighton

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