Remember how your mum used to flip off the TV and shoo you into the backyard to ‘go outside and play in the fresh air’? Turns out Mum was right.

Fast forward a decade or so and we are spending more time inside, much more time glued to screens of different sizes and everyone seems to agree this is leading to stressed and depressed kids.

If you are looking for fun ways to keep your kids active and happy during the colder months there are lots of good reasons to plan a day (or more) in the snow! 


There is nothing like fresh snow and the promise of snowball fights to get kids off the iPad and out the door.  You’d be amazed how quickly kids will stop nagging you about Minecraft when there is an igloo to build with friends or skiing to do; and the best part is you have pink-cheeked, tired and happy kids at the end of the day. 

Nature is the best classroom and the mountains are a magical place to learn for kids of all ages.  Where do snowflakes come from? How do I stop on skis? Where do the wombats go when it snows? What is the weather today? Does water take longer to boil at altitude? Being in an environment so different to the everyday stimulates young minds and makes learning new things fun.  Even Ski School doesn’t feel like ‘real’ school. Kids embrace the challenge of learning to ski and snowboard and instructors are experts at making learning feel like play.


Snow brings out the kid in everyone and it’s hard not to smile at strangers up on the slopes. Must be something to do with wearing bobbly hats and falling in snow that breaks down the social barriers! Snow time is a chance to really connect as a family, spend time on the slopes together, toast marshmallows and slow down the pace. Build a snowman. Play jenga. Really talk.

Brave and Bold

Skiing and snowboarding are also great opportunities for your kids to experience the challenge and satisfaction that comes with mastering a new physical skill. There is a lot to be said for kids having the chance to try, to fall, to get up and try again and feel the pleasure of achieving that first run on their own, that first turn and stop and then the sheer delight of being better at something than Mum or Dad!  With safety gear, helmets and great ski instructors you can give your kids a chance to take some risks and enjoy the rewards.


Give your kids the present of being present. There is nothing quite like having to focus 100% on a physical challenge like skiing or boarding to sharpen the mind and clear out all other distractions.  Combined with the exhilaration of sliding on snow it’s a great way to blow off the cobwebs and leave distractions and worries behind.

There is a tonne of evidence that active kids are smarter kids, and much happier than their couch-bound counterparts. So log off, put the screens down and get the family up into the mountains this winter.

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