Keep the kids sane with the help of Spotlight. They have the family covered with some great ideas to keep busy while everyone in Melbourne is locked down in isolation once again. And if you’re not, at least you’ll have cool shoes to go out in!

These easy DIY projects can be created with items stashed in the craft box or around the home.

1. Galaxy Shoes


  • ‘Francheville’ fabric medium
  • Acrylic paint assorted colours
  • ‘Crafters Choice’ paint brushes
  • Glitter
  • Sponge
  • Water


Step 1.Start by mixing your paint with the ‘Francheville’ fabric medium. We chose to use a midnight blue, purple and cobalt blue to create the base colour on the shoes.

Step 2. Apply 1 colour of the paint at a time with a sponge. Paint in different areas all over the sneaker, repeat this process with the other 2 colours filling in the gaps. Use the sponge to blend the colours together where they overlap to create a smooth night sky backdrop.

Step 3. Once the paint has dried you can now paint a bit more detail into your night sky. Using white and the original 3 colours of paint shade different areas of the sky to create a realistic looking galaxy. Then use the white paint and a small brush to add stars into the night sky.

Step 4. While the paint is drying lightly sprinkle the glitter in some areas to add an extra sparkle to your night sky! Allow to dry completely before wearing.

2. Tie Dye Denim Jacket


  • Denim jacket
  • ‘Tulip’ Super Big Tie Dye Kit
  • Gloves
  • Water jugs/cups
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic to cover work surface
  • Cardboard or plastic for inside the garment


Step 1 – Lay down plastic to protect your work surface. Then follow the directions on the Tulip Dye Packet to prepare your dye bottles.

Step 2 – Fill a couple of cups or jars with water to dilute your dye/clean your brushes.

Step 3 – Place a piece of card or plastic inside the jacket so the dye doesn’t run through to the other side of the garment.

Step 4 – Begin by squirting a small amount of dye onto the jacket and use a paint brush and water to spread the dye around in a blotchy random pattern. Use more water if you wish to dilute the colour more and add more dye if you want a more vibrant colour.

Step 5 – Repeat this process with each colour working your way around the jacket until it is completely covered. Allow for jacket to dry slightly before turning and doing the other side.

Step 6 – Leave jacket to set for 6 – 8 hours.

Step 7 – Once jacket has set, rinse under water to wash away any excess dye colours. Allow jacket to dry fully before use.

3. Mermaid Scrunchies


  • 50cm x 10cm strip of printed lycra or velour fabric
  • 20cm of 10mm wide soft elastic
  • Scissors, pins & safety pin
  • Sewing machine, matching thread


Step 1. With right sides facing, fold fabric in half aligning long edges, pin together.

Step 2. Sew long edges together with a 1cm seam allowance leaving short ends open.

Step 3. Turn fabric right way out, fold under 1cm along one of the short open ends.

Step 4. Thread elastic through fabric strip with help of the safety pin. Overlap ends of elastic by 3cm and sew together securely.

Step 5. Insert the raw open end of fabric strip into the folded end of fabric by at least 1cm and pin closed. Sew end together to secure.

For more instructions and other great craft ideas visit Spotlight.

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