Red Nose Australia have issued an important reminder to parents after the introduction of mandatory masks in Melbourne and other locations.

Children under 2 years should not be wearing face masks.

Using their social media platforms they have spread the word to their followers saying, “With many of us now wearing face masks to protect against COVID, we have been receiving lots of questions from parents about face masks for babies.

“This is an important safety question. Children under 2 years should not wear a mask. They pose a significant suffocation risk for young children and should not be worn.

Red Nose Australia

Other risks include:

  • suffocation
  • overheating
  • choking
  • strangulation

“To keep baby safe, you should wash your hands frequently, wear a mask for all outings, and only interact with adults who are wearing a mask (other than those who you live with).

Do children need to wear a face covering?

Victoria Health advises that children and people aged 12 years and older should wear a face covering. Children under the age of 12 years do not have to wear a face covering but individual families can make their own decisions regarding their children.

Children who are two years old and under should never wear a face covering due to choking and strangulation risks.

Read more on the Red Nose Australia website and always follow the advice from the Australian Government Department of Health.

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