It may feel like we have been in spooky season all year, but with October 31 just around the corner, the experts at Spotlight will have you ready to create, decorate and celebrate at home this Halloween with some unique DIY projects.

Eyeball cushion

• Felt: white (the amount will depend on how big you choose to print the template), black, orange & green
• Embroidery Felt
• Stuffing
• Needle & pins
• Scissors

Step 1. Print out and cut the eyeball template and cut the felt pieces. You will need 2 large white circles for the eyeball, 1 coloured circle for iris, 1 black circle for pupil and 1 small white circle for the reflection.
Note: The bigger cushion is 30cm in diameter, if you wish to make it that size, you will need to print on A3 paper. Alternatively you could trace around a circular object the size of your liking.

Step 2. Pin the iris to the eyeball and stitch it with the embroidery thread. You can achieve the effect seen on the eyeball by using a contrasting thread to the iris and creating a series of long and short straight stitches.

Step 3. Using a straight stitch, secure the pupil to the iris, then secure the small white circle to the side of the pupil.

Step 4. Once completed, placed the finished front piece on top of the white circle, wrong sides together and pin.

Step 5. Blanket stitch the two pieces together, leaving approximately a 5cm opening. Stuff the eyeball until you feel it is nice and full. Continue the blanket stitch to close up the opening. Once you have stitched all around the eyeball, tie the thread off and trim it. If you would like to make eyeball cushions of different sizes, simply increase or decrease the size of the template.

Spooky BOO wreath

• ‘Shamrock’ Decofoam 350mm Wreath
• ‘Americana’ Multi-Surface Satin Paint 59mL-
Black Tie
• ‘Americana’ Multi-Surface Satin Paint 59mL-
• Chipboard Letters- B, O, O
• Fake Spiderweb, with spiders
• Pearl head pins
• Low-temp Glue Gun


Step 1. Paint your decofoam wreath black, one side at a time and leaving to dry between each side. Two coats are recommended. You can also paint your chipboard letters purple (or another Halloween colour) while you wait. One coat may be enough for these, or you may prefer to do two.

Step 2. Use pearl-head pins to secure the “web” to the back of your wreath, pulling and teasing it out as desired. Cut off any excess if not required, and secure any plastic spiders in place by simply allowing their feet to catch in the web.

Step 3. Use hot glue to secure the chipboard letters in place.


• Elmers Glitter Glue – Gold
• Elmers Magical Liquid – Clear
• Elmers Premade Slime

Step 1
– Pour out the Gold Glitter Glue into a bowl.

Step 2 – Add 1/4 cup of the Elmer’s Glue Slime Magical Liquid Activator to the glue bowl and mix together.

Step 3 – Once your slime has formed you can add all the fun stuff like glitter etc.

Step 4 – You can play and add the Premade slimes together to create more spooky slimes!

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