So you’ve just come to the relisation that not all cats are as skilled as Jinxy (hello, Meet The Fockers) and you’re not sure what to do next. Well today is your lucky day – welcome to toilet training 101.

Australia’s leading cat litter brand, Breeder’s Choice, produced by FibreCycle, has partnered first with renowned Veterinarian and Founder and CEO of VetChat, Dr. Claire Jenkins. She shares her top tips for bringing a kitten or new cat into your home.

When introducing your kitten to a new toileting routine it’s important to take it slow. Start by confining them to a smaller, comfortable and safe area initially, and introduce them to the litter tray as soon as you get home. Ideally the tray is in a quiet area, not too close to the food and water bowls.

When starting out, place your kitten on the tray after every meal, when they wake from naps, and if you notice them sniffing or scratching around. If they do go to the bathroom, remove the waste as soon as it is passed and be sure to clean the whole tray at least once a week.

Your kitten needs to be let out for stimulation and essential play behaviour, but this needs to be 100% supervised so that you can monitor for signs that they may need the toilet.

When there are no accidents and they are only going in the litter tray, then you can slowly allow your kitten to be in larger spaces, even unsupervised.

If your kitten has had a regression in their toilet training, a hands-on examination from your local vet would be a great place to start to rule out any health related reasons that may contribute. It’s also a good idea to keep a record of when any issues occur as we may see a pattern to the behaviour.

As a side note – if you manage to see your kitten poop in the litter tray, praise and reward them with a tasty treat, but don’t punish them when they don’t – it will add to anxiety and may make the behaviour worse.

When it comes to choosing a litter for your kitten, my recommendation is Breeder’s Choice as it’s upcycled from 99% recycled paper, is free from nasty chemicals and additives, and is made in Australia. It’s important to me as a pet carer and human to make decisions to lessen the impact of my effects on the environment.

Remember to be patient with your new kitten. Toilet training won’t happen overnight, but with some patience and teamwork, your kitten will be using their litter like a pro in no time.

You can also check out the Breeder’s Choice website and read Ginger’s Book About Cat Bottoms for more helpful litter training advice.

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