Look your glowing best this summer minus the sun damage with this great range of tanning products.

6 Summer tans to try


The brainchild of top US-based Aussie model Georgina Burke, who three years ago launched a successful swimwear line for all of shapes and sizes, BURKE NYC has now expanded its portfolio to help people achieve a sun kissed glow with the BURKE NYC Body Collection.

Included is self-tanning mousse, The Confidential, and tan remover, The Removed Tan, along with accessories The Polishing Mitt and The Buffer.

Develop a natural looking tan in just three hours with The Confidential, or a more developed shade when applied before sleeping overnight. The Confidential produces an even, medium tan which you can also layer on twice for depth. Made from a vegan-friendly, paraben free formula, the products contain 100 per cent natural DHA tan actives.

Visit www.burkenyc.com for details.

Eco Tan Winter Skin

Australia’s First Certified Organic, Tanning, Skincare, Body Care and Natural Makeup Range.

Since day one, Sonya has been committed to creating a healthier, organic, cruelty free and environmentally friendly eco range. Eco Tan is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, with a strong philanthropic foundation. Sun safety and accreditation run deep within our brand!

Winter Skin gradual self tanning lotion by Eco Tan uses natural cacao to build a gorgeous chocolate-honey coloured glow over 3-4 applications. Ideal for those with lighter skin tones, this allows you to gradually deepen the shade until you have the perfect depth of colour.

Shop here!

Three Warriors Tan

Born from a desire to reformulate the beauty industry and bring clean beauty (i.e. chemical-free) products to the market, Three Warriors is a brand you can trust to give you a natural sun kissed glow minus the chemical guilt.

Three Warriors Gradual Tan is a certified organic and vegan tanning cream formulated with nutrient-rich, skin-loving ingredients that are designed to give even those with pale skin a beautiful sunless tan.

Shop the range here

Natio gradual tan

Effortlessly build a gradual golden tan with this aromatic 2-in-1 moisturiser and self-tan lotion. Infused with a hint of tanning agent, the deeply hydrating lotion helps achieve a natural, healthy-looking wash of colour, while keeping skin moisturised all day long. Shop here.

Wotnot Gradual Tan

WOTNOT Naturals Certified Organic Gradual Tan Lotion is a velvety-soft blend of hydrating, skin-loving, organic ingredients formulated to nourish the skin while developing a beautiful, even, golden tan that is streak-free and fades naturally. It has a pleasant fragrance from natural ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin. Shop here.

endota Lilly Pilly and Lime Gradual Tanner

Enhance your existing tan or gradually build a natural, sun-kissed look any time of year, as you hydrate and nourish your skin, with the Endota Lilly Pilly & Lime Gradual Tanner. A certified organic skincare must-have! Shop now.

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