Parents are noticing a huge change as schools go back with some canteens charging as much as $7 for a basic ham sandwich.

9 News reported that school canteens across SA are slugging parents up to $20 for a basic lunch, with a ham sandwich costing up to $7.

These days kids need a minimum of $10 for the canteen. Remember the days when you only needed a few coins?!

School Canteen costs on the rise

9 Honey also shared a comparrison of varying canteen lunch item prices across the country.

Meat pies vary in pricing from $4.50 up to $6.50.

A salad wrap could set you back anything up to $9.50 at one QLD school.

One Melbourne school has the best offers with meal deals for $7, which includes a drink, meal (i.e. pasta with bolognaise or six nuggets) plus a muffin or cookie. Winning!

Have you noticed any crazy prices at your kids school canteen this year?

What was your favourite treat from the canteen? What was your go to order? (remember the brown paper bag!)

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