Did you know that those small Easter eggs we all love can be a huge danger to your little ones health? Something you need to be aware of that’s for sure!

A paramedic has warned about the dangers of giving chocolate Easter eggs to young children.

Nikki Jurcutz, from Tiny Hearts Education, has shared a video explaining how mini, solid eggs are a “choking hazard” for kids.

“They are hard and round – two massive risk factors for a choking hazard,” the mum-of-two said.

The size and shape of the mini eggs can easily block children’s airways, leaving them struggling to breathe.

“They’re also the perfect size and shape to block off a child’s airway,” she explained.

“Hollow eggs (can) easily crumble so they are much safer for your little one to eat this Easter.”

Nikki said she would only give mini, solid chocolate eggs to her kids if they were three years or older.

“For me it would be once they have their full set of teeth and mature chew,” Nikki said. “I’ll give them to my five-year-old this year but not my almost three-year-old.

“It comes down to what you’re comfortable with. It’s such a personal choice based on how you feel.”

Her video has been viewed thousand times, with many parents thanking her for bringing awareness to the danger of solid chocolate eggs leading up to Easter.

Choking tip

A quick and easy way to minimise your baby’s choking risk is the squish test.

The ‘Squish Test’ is an easy way for you to know if the food is safe to give to baby as is, or if you need to CHOP it, SWAP it, or STOP it.⁠

If you can squish it, it is safe for your little one to eat!