A woman has revealed she suffered from extreme ‘pregnancy nose’, which saw her nose doubling in size.

Towards the end of her first trimester, the 24-year-old noticed that the size of her nose began to change but at first didn’t think much of it, until it drastically changed from its original size and shape.

As the weeks went on, the young US mother spotted that the texture of her skin, and her hair and eyebrows began transforming too.

What the experts say

Professor Adam Taylor, the director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre and professor of anatomy at Lancaster University, the facial alteration may be ‘more noticeable for some women’.

Writing in The Conversation, he said: ‘The reason it happens is due to the significant increases in hormone levels during pregnancy – particularly because of the increase in oestrogen, which relaxes the blood vessels in all the body’s tissue.

‘This allows more blood into the nose’s tissue, causing it to expand and change shape – looking larger and puffier.’

Other side affects of pregnancy

Pregnancy nose isn’t the only change your body may go through when you’re expecting.

Here are a few others:

Bigger heart
The heart undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy in order to accommodate the baby’s growth.

Changes in skin colour
Most of us have heard of the pregnancy “glow”, which causes some women’s skin complexion to appear brighter. But some women experience a condition known as melasma, which causes the skin around the eyes, nose, chin and upper lip to darken.

Hair growth (and loss)
For many women, their hair grows and looks healthier during pregnancy thanks to the increase in oestrogen in the body, which causes the hair follicles to remain in growth mode.

Oral health changes
Pregnancy can cause many changes in oral health.

Increases in oestrogen and progesterone can make the gums more susceptible to bleeding, infection and damage.

Some women also notice a change in their hands and feet as well.

Did you suffer any weird pregnancy side affects?

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