With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to refresh not only yourself but your surroundings, reorganise your life and cleanse your home, ready to enjoy the warmer months.

Rather than purchasing a variety of cleaning products, McKenzie’s Bi-carb Soda is a common household ingredient that can do everything from cleaning the whole house and grease-filled BBQ to making your white sneakers sparkle again, brightening your sterling silver jewellery or bringing your dying plant back to life. 

Spring clean with Bi-carb Soda

Here are some top cleaning tips with McKenzie’s Bi-Carb Soda

  • Eliminate Kitchen Dishwasher Odours – Sprinkle Bi-Carb on the bottom of your dishwasher in between loads.
  • Clean Burnt Pots and Pans – Soak the pan in dishwashing liquid, Bi-Carb and hot water for 10 minutes before washing.
  • Deodorise Kitchen Rubbish Bins – Sprinkle a handful of Bi-Carb in the kitchen bin.
  • Clean Dirty Microwave – Place a bowl filled with water and 2 tbs of Bi-Carb in your microwave. Cook on high for 1 minute. Wipe down the microwave with a clean cloth.
  • Cleaning Kids Lunch Boxes – Use Bi-Carb solution to clean stained and smelly lunch boxes.
  • Heavily Soiled/Stained Clothes – To help remove stains and odours from clothes, soak in Bi-Carb overnight before washing.
  • Whitening Whites – Add 2 tbs of Bi-Carb to your regular liquid laundry detergent to refresh whites and reduce yellowing.
  • Stain Remover – Use Bi-Carb paste to aid in the removal of greasy food marks (e.g. butter, margarine, cooking oil). Leave for 30 minutes and then soak in detergent.
  • BBQ Cleaner – Apply Bi-Carb paste with a wire brush, wipe clean and dry with a cloth.
  • Fungal Prevention on Plants – Dissolve 1 tsp of Bi-Carb and 3 drops of liquid soap in 2 litres of water and spray on plants. The soap helps the spray stick to the leaf surface.
  • Grout Cleaner – Use Bi-Carb paste to scrub into the grout with a sponge or toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Carpet Deodoriser – To eliminate food and pet odours, sprinkle a handful of Bi-Carb onto your carpets, leave for a few minutes and then vacuum.

McKenzie’s has an ebook full of 160+ life hacks using Bi-Carb Soda here.

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