Let’s be honest, putting on Christmas lunch for a large family can get pretty expensive. The good news is consumer group CHOICE has released the results of its Christmas ham taste test, just in time for this year’s holiday festivities, and the winner was the cheapest ham!

CHOICE experts blind taste tested eight supermarket brand Christmas hams from Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and IGA, assessing them on a number of criteria, including appearance, flavour and aroma. 

“Christmas is an expensive time, and many people may be feeling the financial strain more than usual this year. If you’re looking for a Christmas ham that’s gentle on your wallet, we’ve got the answers for you,”. 

CHOICE Editorial Director Mark Serrels

IGA’s Christmas Ham Half-Leg took first place this year, scoring 73%. It was also the cheapest product in our test, coming in at $5.59 per kilo. If you’re looking for the perfect ham to add to your Christmas shopping list, look no further. IGA has delivered a delicious and budget-friendly product.

Coming in at the bottom of the list was Coles Finest Gold Triple Smoked Free-Range Quarter Leg Ham with a score of 21%. Not only did the judges describe it as unpleasant and dry, it also costs a whopping $15.00 per kilo! It’s safe to say this Coles product’s price did not equal performance!

The best Christmas hams:

The top three in the taste test were:

1. IGA Christmas Ham Half-Leg

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 73% 
  • Price per kg: $8.00

2. Woolworths Gold Triple Smoked Leg Ham

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 72%
  • Price per kg: $16.00

3. Aldi Specially Selected Triple Smoked Half Leg Ham

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 63%
  • Price per kg: $13.99

The worst three Christmas hams in the taste test were:

1. Coles Finest Gold Triple Smoked Free-Range Quarter Leg Ham

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 21%
  • Price per kg: $15.00

2. Aldi Festive Selection Australian Half Leg Ham 

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 49%
  • Price per kg: $7.99

3. Coles Christmas Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 56%
  • Price per kg: $8.00

Read the full CHOICE story here: www.choice.com.au/christmashams

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