Every year CHOICE do a round up of the worst products and services throughout 2020. Discover who was awarded the Shonky prize this year….

The 15th Annual CHOICE Shonky Awards

CHOICE name and shame the shonkiest products and companies that have taken advantage of Australian consumers in 2020.


  • InvoCare funerals – The Shonky Award for… failing to be upfront about prices.
  • Harvey Norman – The Shonky Award for… a toxic partnership with Latitude Finance.
  • Floor cleaners – The Shonky Award for… being flawed cleaners. According to CHOICE, the fact is that most floor cleaners don’t make a measurable difference when it comes to everyday cleaning.
  • GreenTech PureAir 500 air purifier – The Shonky Award for… pathetic purification.
  • Revitalife – The Shonky Award for… a sales scheme that needs to be put to bed.