My Little Pony is delighted to announce an alliance with the Origin Australian Diamonds to celebrate kids ‘finding their sparkle.’

Each player of Netball Australia’s Origin Australian Diamonds brings their own unique skills and ‘sparkle’ to help the team succeed.  Partnering with My Little Pony aims to encourage kids to celebrate being proud of their individuality and the value of coming together as a team.

Ambassador and Goal Attack for the Origin Australian Diamonds, Gretel Bueta, sees the partnership with My Little Ponya positive influence for kids already playing netball, as well as those new to the sport.

“If you’re young with energy to burn, netball is the perfect game to participate in,” Bueta said.

“As well as providing important physical and social benefits, netball gives kids a chance to be part of a team, work together, push themselves and each other. By training together, winning together, and losing together, children learn teamwork and a sense of belonging.”

To help ‘find your sparkle’ on-court, My Little Pony and the Origin Australian Diamonds have teamed up to create a series of virtual content with Bueta. 

The content is suitable for all Diamonds-in-the-making; girls and boys aged 5-10 years, and features; a virtual training session comprised of six drills; a video of Gretel Bueta sharing how she ‘finds her sparkle’ on and off the court; and, a playful Q&A with young fans.The content will be made available on The Diamonds Fan Zone page from Monday November 22.

Since launching almost 40 years’ ago, My Little Pony has become a significant part of pop culture, transcending both age and gender, and is beloved by fans worldwide.  The latest movie: My Little Pony: A New Generation, the latest movie from eOne, Hasbro’s global entertainment studio, is the first-time audiences can experience My Little Pony in theatrical-quality 3D CG animation. The film is available now on Netflix worldwide.

“My Little Pony embraces the uniqueness of the individual and encouraging kids to explore their passions and reach their full potential. We are thrilled to partner with the Origin Australian Diamonds on our family-first campaign, energizing kids everywhere to ‘Find Your Sparkle’ with the Diamonds,” says Jessica Murphy, SVP Entertainment Brand Marketing, AMPAC Entertainment One.

My Little Pony moves forward in time…

My Little Pony; A New Generation movie expands the pony universe (Ponyverse) by jumping forward in time, introducing a new cast of characters and pony species; Earth Pony, Pegasus (ponies that fly) and Unicorns (ponies with a horn on their head) and exploring never-before-seen parts of Equestria, with new lands; Zephyr Heights, Maritime Bay and Brindlewood. The new characters are modern with distinct personalities, goals and aspirations that feel relevant to kids in today’s world.  My Little Pony continues to reinforce values of friendship, staying true to yourself and celebrating what makes you special. 

If our new My Little Pony ‘Mane 5’ characters played with the Origin Australian Diamonds, here’s the team positions they’d play.

  • SUNNY – Goal Shooter (GS)- perfectionist earth pony, eye on the prize, driven, organised.
  • IZZY – Wing Attack (WA) & Centre (C) always there, supportive and encouraging unicorn (she’s also ‘magic’).
  • ZIPP – Goal Keeper (GK) super dependable. Special skill, she’s a Pegasi and can fly!
  • PIPP – Goal Attack (GA) –High-achieving social butterfly and sister of Zipp, she’s also a Pegasi-flyer.
  • HITCH – Goal Defence (GD) & Wing Defence (WD) – Protects from the enemy, assertive, tenacious earth pony who makes his presence known.

My Little Pony: A New Generation – Available now on Netflix

Run Time | 90 min  Rating |PG

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