Winter weather is not always that conducive for great park play, but we’ve got the ultimate solution. Nice, clean, dirt-free fun where mums and dads can relax with a coffee while the kids play.

Located outside Brunelli Café at West Lakes Shopping Centre, this is a fantastic spot to sit and have a coffee and watch the kids play, and afterwards you can hit the shops!

With a fun beachside/nautical theme, this is great for both toddlers and older kids. The highlight is the main lighthouse tower with two slides coming off it. This has a fun round enclosed slide from the top, accessed via ladder stairs or the bridge, and a shorter open slide a little closer to the ground. There is also a hidden sandpit under the tower.

Beyond the tower is a set of bathing boxes with climbing nets, lookouts, puzzles, tunnels and some fun blue stepping stones and a bouncy animal at the base. 

There is quite a lot of shade cloth overhead and there are toilets in the shopping centre but the play equipment is only partly fenced off so you will still need to be careful. Parking is free for the first 2 hours. If the weather is up for it, rug up and pop over to Tennyson Beach afterwards for an explore in the dunes.

111 W Lakes Blvd, West Lakes