Nikki Webster was just 13 when she shot to fame in the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and released Strawberry Kisses just one year later.

While it might feel like just yesterday, it’s been more than 22 years and now Nikki is celebrating another milestone, seeing her youngest child start school this year. In true Nikki style, she is marking the occasion with an adorable music video aptly titled Starting School.

The now 35-year-old mum of two is looking forward to transitioning Malakai into big school next month, with nothing but a cohort of young dancers and a catchy song to get him ready for the big day.

“We thought it would be great to unite all young ones heading to school for the first time with a fun little song and music video that focuses on the positive aspects of schooling,” explained Nikki.

“The song we have developed, Starting School, was a little collaboration between my brother Scott and our wonderful dancers from our two studios, promoting dance, movement and of course singing,” she said.

Recorded in their performing arts studio, the lyrics of Starting School touch on school being ‘cool’ as well as a place for rules and a time to provide little brains with fuel. The music video features both Malakai and Nikki’s oldest child, Skylah, along with a dozen dancers.

“I have mixed emotions about my youngest starting school, it’s such an exciting milestone but also, my baby is becoming a big boy!

“I can only hope that both Malakai and Skylah are provided with the same wonderful opportunities and time at school as I enjoyed when I was a child,” she added.

Respected Sydney performing arts school, The McDonald College has also thrown their support behind Nikki’s back to school initiative, with the music video filmed on their grounds.

“I was lucky enough to attend The McDonald College and they have been huge supporters of my career.

“I approached them to see if we could shoot on their campus and both Malakai, Skylah and our pre-elite dancers were ecstatic to perform there – it certainly brought back many memories for me as a former student,” continued Nikki.

At just 35, Nikki is pleased she been given the opportunity to ride the wave of having her own business for more than a decade, supporting other young talent in performing arts.

“Together with my brother Scott, Dance @ Nikki Webster is celebrating 15 years in business this year and we are incredibly proud of how far we have come.

“It hasn’t always been easy but nurturing the next generation of talented performers has been so fulfilling, made only more rewarding by seeing my two children find their feet with dance and movement.

“Both Skylah and Malakai have grown up in our studio family – since babies they’ve been by my side at the studios carefully watching our students grow, perform and even pursue careers in this industry.

“They absolutely love performing and I really enjoy seeing them dance and make wonderful friendships alongside our students,” added Nikki.

Dance @ Nikki Webster Open Day

Aside from Malakai starting school, Nikki has big plans for this year including opening the doors of her two studios to students across Sydney and the Central Coast later this month for massive free Open Days.

Locals aged 18 months to 18 years are invited to the Dance @ Nikki Webster Open Days where they can enjoy free dance classes all day, the opportunity to meet Nikki and experience all the programs the studios have to offer.

“Every year we look forward to opening our doors to showcase our studio, our amazing dance teachers, and range of classes for locals to enjoy,” said Nikki.

The 2023 Open Days will be held on Saturday 28 January at Leichhardt and Sunday 29 January at Erina from 8:30am.