Your favourite gooey Easter egg is now available as two NEW frozen treats… just in time for Easter! Available exclusively at Coles.

Australia, don’t walk – run! Peters Ice Cream and Cadbury® have teamed up to launch a new range of Easter treats into the ice cream freezer, available exclusively at Coles this month. Delighting snack-lovers with a never-before-seen, deliciously gooey Cadbury® Creme Egg® tub while bringing back by popular demand the much-loved Cadbury® Creme Egg® chocolate coated sticks. Don’t miss out though, be quick to hunt them down before they’re gone!

  • A new range of Creme Egg® frozen Easter treats has launched into the ice cream freezer exclusively at Coles this month – a brand new deliciously gooey Cadbury® Creme Egg® Tub, and back by popular demand, Cadbury® Creme Egg® Chocolate Coated Sticks
  • Both frozen desserts deliver the iconic gooeyness of Easter cult-favourite, Cadbury® Creme Egg® in frozen form and are available for a limited time only
  • Close to 6 million Cadbury® Creme Egg® chocolate eggs were sold over the Easter 2023 season, tipping these new frozen treats to become Aussie faves in 2024
  • Watch beloved Aussie Dad and influencer, Matty J hunt down the new Cadbury® Creme Egg® frozen treats in Coles via hilarious Instagram story.

Elevating Easter snacking this year, the new Cadbury® Creme Egg® frozen treats celebrate the original chocolate egg but with delightful frozen twists.

The Cadbury Creme Egg tub and stick ice cream shown on a white background

Cadbury® Creme Egg® 460mL Tub

Calling all Creme Egg® fans who can’t get enough of the sweet, gooey centre, get your spoon ready! Transforming the chocolate egg into a frozen dessert tub with a surprise core, this is an indulgent Creme Egg® experience like no other. Generously loaded with Cadbury® milk chocolate pieces, swirled through vanilla and filled with a deliciously gooey Creme Egg® core. Hunt one down for a moment of treat-time or to satisfy any Easter chocolate craving.

Cadbury® Creme Egg® Sticks

For Creme Egg® lovers longing for their favourite Easter treats of yesteryear, the wait is over! Back by popular demand and available in a multipack of 4, each vanilla stick heroes a Creme Egg® centre and is generously coated with smooth and creamy Cadbury® milk chocolate. It’s the perfect snack for the whole family to hunt down this Easter.

A clear crowd favourite, with almost 6 million Cadbury® Creme Egg® chocolate eggs sold in Australia around Easter 2023 – the new Creme Egg® Tub and returning favourite, Creme Egg® Sticks are set to fly off the shelves.

“We know Aussies are obsessed with Creme Egg® when it returns to the supermarket every year, and who can blame them?! The sweet gooeyness that only a Creme Egg® can deliver is irresistible to Aussies looking for a fun Easter snack. Knowing the scale of their popularity makes releasing this Creme Egg® frozen duo in the lead up to Easter that much sweeter”.

Head of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream, Andrea Hamori.

As is the way when a product is ‘back by popular demand’, the anticipation for Aussies to get their hands on the Cadbury® Creme Egg® Sticks is unmistakeable – we’re confident these treats, and new Cadbury® Creme Egg® Tub, will swiftly claim a rightful spot as a seasonal must-have,” she continued.

Available for a limited time only, the tub retails for $12 RRP and the sticks for $9.50, with both products exclusive to Coles nationwide.

CADBURY, CREME EGG and THE COLOUR PURPLE are trademarks of Mondelēz International group used under licence.

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