Mums often go into panic mode when they discover they are pregnant wanting to find the best products that are kind to your bump and the environment. Stress no longer! We have discovered some of the best Eco-friendly range on the market.

Eco-friendly must haves

Becoming a mum is both an incredibly rewarding yet incredibly challenging time. From the recovery, to having your sleep disrupted, to having a new little life that you are now responsible for, there is a lot going on.

One thing that may surprise new mums is the sheer number of products that you go through every day. From thousands of wipes to nappies, paper towel and everything in between.

The good news is that there have been so many new and exceptional innovative products released over the past few years, that not only make life easier, but are also more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here are some of our top picks. 


Natralus is the Australian owned brand that’s backed by 442,000 new mums for its eco-friendly, vegan ingredients, and its hero product the ‘Little One Nappy Barrier Cream’.

Enriched with Paw Paw, for its healing properties, Shea Butter for moisturisation, Zinc as a protective barrier against irritants and Calendula for soothing and providing relief to your little one’s skin.

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ZERO Dry Wipes

What is a dry wipe you may ask? A dry wipe is a game changing product for anyone who has tried one. If you are yet to try one, you are in for a treat.

An Aussie start-up called ZERO has released the ultimate dry wipe, which as the name suggests, is a wipe that comes to you dry. It contains no chemicals, fragrances, or plastic, instead you add your own water as needed, which means that there is way less chance of your baby getting a rash or any irritations that are usually associated with products that have chemicals in them to keep them fresh.

Additionally, the product is reusable, as it is thick and strong enough to be machine washed up to three times, and then when you are done you can pop it in the compost, which makes it a great choice for the environment.

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Totem Eco

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding often try to avoid putting chemicals on their skin, and one of the major culprits for this is deodorant. 

Totem Eco has created an award-winning deodorant paste, that is 100% natural and free from parabens, aluminium, sweat blockers and other nasties. It is also vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Deodorant is packed full of chemicals usually, so this is a brilliant product if you want to reduce the chemicals that you are putting onto your skin and absorbing into your blood stream.

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Step One

Finally, a product for mum. Step One is a best-selling Australian underwear brand that is made from Organic bamboo viscose, is naturally breathable and feels luxe soft on the skin. They have a boxer brief for women, which comes with Step One’s Ultra Glyde technology between your thighs, boosting comfort and minimise your risk of chafing. They also have a bikini brief if that is more your style.

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Hello Period

This innovative sustainable period brand offers both internal and external period supplies and can be a great alternative for busy mums trying to minimise their impact on the environment and their period underwear is wonderful for any younger people who are just starting their periods.

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Munch is about empowering you to change the world. Every day, every way you can make a difference with Munch. Buy a Munch product and feel good about using it.

All their products are eco friendly in some way from being reusable, organic to biodegradable. Everyday products making a difference. Useful, beautiful and green. All our ingredients and products are sourced from ethical communities.

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Milkco Breastmilk EcoPods

Designed to be the safe and simple way to store, carry, freeze and warm your breast milk. Perfect to use over and over again. EcoPods are an essential storage solution for all the nutritious creations you will introduce beyond your breast milk days.

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Pea Pods

Pea pods reusable nappy features a soft bamboo rayon* inner layer and a waterproof outer layer – providing soft yet breathable protection. The adjustable leg straps mean one nappy can last through all growth stages.

Soft bamboo absorber and reusable storage bag included.

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Hevea Natural Rubber Dummy Soothe Orthodontic Teat

Made from natural rubber your baby will be sure to be using an orthodontic pacifier that’s natural for them and adds a bit of style with its unique design imprinted on the pacifier.

Sho Hevea

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

Lifefactory glass baby bottles are durable and completely free of the harmful chemicals found in many plastic bottles. The bright colored silicone sleeve helps your baby to grip the bottle, while also protecting the bottle from damage.

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