Good old mince. It is so versatile and tasty there has to be at least one dish the whole family will eat. Surely!

Feeding a family is getting harder and harder with the rising cost of living. We are here to help you try to eat on a budget and keep the kids happy and healthy at the same time.

25 ways with mince

Be it beef, chicken, turkey, pork, or any other mince of choice, these recipes will help keep your family fed for the week.

spaghetti with basil garnish in meat sauce
  1. Taco – Tasty Taco recipes
  2. Nacho – Chorizo nacho
  3. Meatballs – Harissa Meatballs with Yogurt Dip
  4. Lasagna – Lasagne in a mug
  5. Mexican rice – Warm taco rice salad
  6. Spaghetti Bolognese – Try Turkey bolognese and ricotta baked penne
  7. Chow mein
  8. Burgers – Smashed Cheeseburger
  9. Shepherds Pie
  10. Savoury Mince – Savoury Sticky Rice
  11. Rissoles
  12. Porcupine balls
  13. San choy bow
  14. Beef Stroganoff
  15. Burrito or wrap (pg 28)
  16. Curry mince beef
  17. Pasta bake
  18. Stuffed potato – Roasted stuffed sweet potato 3 ways
  19. Beef pie – Spanakopita Rustic Pie – MamaMag
  20. Burrito bowl
  21. Cottage pie – Chicken and Mushroom Pie – MamaMag
  22. Chilli Con Carne
  23. Sausage rolls – Simple and healthy sausage rolls
  24. Empanada
  25. Curry puff